If you want whiter teeth, you generally have two options we both offer.

One is to have your teeth whitened in our office. (in-office, laser or power whitening).

The other is to perform treatments on your own (at-home whitening)

Research shows that in terms of the tooth-lightening effect created, neither one of these approaches is the best. Both methods can give the same end result.

That is because the peroxide-based tooth whitening is primarily a function of the concentration of the peroxide in the whitener and the amount of time the whitener is in contact with the teeth.

Utilize a low concentration over an extended time frame (at-home method) or a high concentration applied for a much shorter time (in-office)can produce the same result.

The advantage of in-office bleaching is that the results can be seen immediately after treatment.It takes less time than the at-home method. If you have a big event coming up soon or you just don’t think you can find time or motivation for the at-home method, this would be your best solution.

The at –home systems require a patient capable of performing the treatments and willing to comply with the instructions, because the treatment are unsupervised. It also can take weeks before the final results are achieved. But, this method can deliver the same or even better results.

We will gladly advise what the best option for you is!

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