Nowadays many people wear braces, 1 in 3 youngster in Holland! By means of braces the position of your teeth is corrected and you get beautiful, straight teeth which are moreover easier to clean. Often, the jaws also have to be adjusted in order to achieve an aesthetically beautiful and stable result.

In many cases a variety of braces is used: loose braces, fixed braces and retainers (a gadget that is attached to your upper teeth and holds them in the correct position after the active treatment). The duration of the treatment can vary from a few months to a couple of years and consists of a number of phases. Braces can also be applied to adults in order to straighten their teeth. If desired we can even attach white fixed braces (brackets), thus making the braces hardly visible. We also offer the invisible, cristal- clear, aligners Clearcaps® for those who don’t like to have fixed braces. Simple, comfortable and predictable!

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