Onzichtbare beugels

Adults who want or need a straighter set of teeth may dread the idea of having to wear braces again. Afraid of what people will say to a grown man or woman wearing braces, some may avoid the dental treatment they need for straighter and healthier teeth. Fortunately, there is a clear option to help align one’s teeth without being obvious about it.

Our clear aligner  straightens teeth through a tray-style system over time. Customized for each individual, you will get   a series of aligners that  are  alternated tevery two weeks or so. The gradual process will straighten the teeth without pain. Once the time to change to a new set arrives, the patient will switch to another pair of aligners that matches the current state of his or her teeth.

The process to straighten one’s teeth with our clear aligners  may only take a few months, depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth. While conventional orthodontic  methods are effective, invisible braces  have the fusion of both a desirable appearance and an effective treatment method. The system will gradually straighten teeth as the patient goes about everyday business.

What is the process like?

The patient will want to visits us to see invisible braces are the right choice for his or her situation. Depending on the situation, another treatment option may be a better recommendation for the patient. By visiting Centro Dental mahaai we can help discern if invisible braces are right for you!
At Centro Dental Mahaai we will make sure the lab customizes the aligner trays to each patient. Once we make a digital or scan the teeth, we will go over a treatment plan, switching aligners every 2 weeks or so. 

Will invisible braces drastically alter my life?

Patients choose invisible braces for several key reasons. The first key reason is that invisible braces are clear and not very noticeable. People do not need to feel embarrassed when visiting friends, speaking at an important meeting or other social situations. With invisible braces, patients can avoid the long procedure to install metal braces and the trouble of cleaning teeth that comes with them.

With invisible braces, patients will have no issues removing the aligner to clean their teeth any time of the day. The patient will wear the aligners around 20 hours per day, but can easily remove the aligner as necessary. This effective solution will help patients receive the smile that they deserve, boost confidence and produce a straighter set of teeth.

Regardless of if you had braces as a child or not, teeth can move back out of alignment over time. Crooked teeth are not only less appealing to the eye but can also lead to tooth infection over time. When gaps appear between teeth, food and plaque can become caught in there. If the plaque or food particles are left there for too long, they can lead to infection.

Straight teeth will help to avoid this scenario. An adult who is in need of straighter teeth can seek invisible braces at our office as an easy, efficient and strong alternative to braces. With invisible braces , a patient can continue through life as normal while straightening his or her teeth over time.

At Centro Dental Mahaai we will help you obtain the perfect and healthy smile you have always wanted.!