Implants are artificial roots that are placed into the jawbone in the area where the root of a missing tooth was located. The placement of an implant is a relatively minor procedure under local anaesthesia. Implants are made of titanium that is well tolerated in the entire body.They fuse with the jawbone to form a secure foundation for tooth replacement. An implant is approximately 4 millimetres in diameter and is 8 to 15 millimetres long. Implants provide a firm anchor for crown, bridge or denture.

Implants can be applied in nearly all cases.That is, provided that there is sufficiently healthy bone available (x-rays are necessary to determine this) and provided that the oral hygiene is proper. Smoking, excessive alcohol use and some diseases may constitute risk factors.

The benefits

  • You are able to chew well again, which is also better for your digestive system;
  • Your own teeth need not be ground down;
  • Implants eliminates the loss of bone
  • You regain the feeling of having your own teeth;
  • You are able to flash a carefree smile again

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