Cosmetic dentistry

Briefly summarized, to us this means “creating beautiful smiles”. To achieve this we avail ourselves of various techniques. It starts with the normal fillings which, needless to say, are made of the latest white materials, porcelain or composite. The days of the ugly grey amalgam fillings belong definitely to the past!

With the aid of porcelain layers, the so-called veneers or facings,it is possible to carry out wonderful repairs to discoloured, cracked or mis-shaped front teeth. An “extreme make-over”, bringing a Hollywood smile within everybody’s reach.

It is possible, moreover, to brighten your own natural tooth colour by bleaching it. An impressive technique is “power bleaching” with the aid of a Plasma Arc light; white teeth in as little as one hour’s time !

Beautiful, white teeth emanate a young, healthy personality and are conducive to your self-confidence.

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