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Centro Centro Dental Mahaai has been a household name in Curacao for 30 years now. Very experienced, specialized dentists provide treatments at the highest level. The clinic is fitted out with very sophisticated equipment. Continuous investments are made in new materials, equipment and know-how.

To ensure the best possible quality, we only work together with the best dental laboratories in the USA, Germany, The Netherlands and Curaçao. Do not settle for less, don’t take any risk where your health is concerned!

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Our Specialities


Nowadays many people wear braces, 1 in 3 youngster in Holland! By means of braces the position of your teeth is corrected and you get beautiful, straight teeth which are moreover easier to clean. Find Out More →


Implants are artificial roots that are placed into the jawbone in the area where the root of a missing tooth was located. Find Out More →

Botox and filler treatments

Botox® Cosmetics is the latest advancement in botulinum toxin therapy. It is used to safely, simply and effectively improve the appearance of frown lines, forehand creases and crows feet. Find Out More →


Periodontal diseases are serious infections that, left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and pose a risk to your overall health. Find Out More →

Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautiful, white teeth emanate a young, healthy personality and are conducive to your self-confidence.

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